We know, probably better than anyone, what a pain making soup can be. From designing the dishes to chopping countless vegetables to brewing a stock, making soup in house can be not only expensive, but also incredibly time consuming. That said, there is not a standalone company that specialises in wholesaling healthy, exciting soups. At Morgans’ Soup, we guarantee two things: firstly, that we will never bring a boring soup to your business; and secondly, that soup is what we do. No pies, no sausages, and no specialist climbing equipment.

If, like almost every small restaurant or cafe, your business cares about quality but has to work hard to keep margins healthy, we think Morgans’ Soup is the perfect solution. We don’t have to cut the corners that many are forced to cut, meaning our soups are always healthy, well designed and, most importantly, delicious. Our Morgans’ Soup brand is a guarantee of quality. If you want to start stock-ing (last pun, I promise) our innovative soups in your cafe or restaurant, please get in touch. We will be more than happy to bring samples, talk about our fantastic menu and discuss how we think that Morgans’ Soup will benefit your business.

Soup HQ:

Matt: 07917 027516
Chris: 07753 422681


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