Our Soups


At Morgans’ Soup, we want to redefine the dish itself. We’ll be smoking, drying, roasting and frying to perfect our recipes, maximising flavour and minimising all the nasties we’ve become used to in soup. Unlike some other soup companies, you’ll notice we have fewer than 1,000 soup flavours – that’s because each and every one is researched, tested and tweaked obsessively in our kitchen before it reaches you. We then sub in new recipes, keeping the menu small but perfectly formed. This allows us to have complete confidence in our full range of soups. We guarantee that our soups will always be:


When you put a delicious, steaming spoonful of Morgans’ Soup in your mouth, you can be certain that it has never been frozen, never canned and never vacuum packed. Everything we serve is made in house, keeping our salt content low and our soups as fresh as they can be when they hit the bowl.


All of our soups have been carefully developed to ensure they are every bit as healthy as they are delicious. Throughout the development of our fantastic menu, we’ve specifically concentrated on keeping saturated fats and salt low. For example, we only cook with rapeseed oil, as it’s known for its high content of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E. Morgans’ Soup is a truly healthy lunch, so you can eat it every day without hampering that bikini bod you’re shooting for (see Matt and Chris at the beach for further evidence).


At Morgans’ Soup, we’ll never offer a tomato & basil or a potato & leek. Lots of people already do that, and, if we’re completely honest, we don’t think they’re even that delicious (controversial). In their place, however, you can expect unusual and exciting soups from right across the globe. We draw on truly authentic recipes and then make them our own. For example, to give our Caribbean Jerk soup that fantastic barbecue flavour, we oak smoke the paste, and to give our Tunisian Tomato a real kick, we’ve delved into the history books to develop a smoky and intense harous paste. At Morgans’ soup we love to innovate and we hope that comes across in the soups we’ve put together.



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