Blend it Like Beckham

Good afternoon everyone! First things first; an apology. We’re incredibly sorry for not publishing a blog last week – rest assured, however, that this was nothing to do with our lack of commitment to the world of soup, but rather a newfound passion for innovative laptop cleaning solutions. Last Wednesday, I attempted the somewhat radical clean-your-laptop-just-by-pouring-lemonade-all-over-it technique, which (weirdly) left my laptop out of action until the beginning of this week. So, apologies for the delay – I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that my laptop has made an apparently full recovery… I think, however, that I’ll be leaving the laptop cleaning to the pros in future.

Moving on – an update on the smorgasbord of other assorted blended goods we spoke about in our last blog post. As we mentioned, gazpacho sales had been slow at the time of writing the blog, and, with the weather set to stay cloudy, the majority of the gazpacho was given away as free samples to get us some valuable (if not particularly sales-based) feedback. All of the comments were very positive, but the question still very much remains as to whether chilled soups are going to set the world on fire come the hotter months.

Shortly after publishing our last blog, we also delivered our first smoothies to Walker, Austen & Alexander. We delivered two smoothies; a mango, carrot, pineapple and coconut number and a breakfast smoothie, with oats, yoghurt and mixed berries. Whilst the feedback on the smoothies was positive, our primary problem regarding the smoothies was the cost of production. Calculating our costs based on the likely quantity we’d be producing per week, we worked out that a smoothie would cost us roughly the same (if not a little more) than a soup to make. Whilst this isn’t fundamentally problematic, smoothies have a lower resale value than soups, meaning that we would need an enormous turnover on the smoothies to turn them into a viable business. We haven’t entirely written them off, but we’d certainly need to do some extensive work on finding a cheaper fruit supplier without compromising on quality if we decide to pursue this idea further.

As we hinted at in the previous blog, Matt and I are now dedicating ourselves almost entirely to formulating a business plan for the future of Morgans’ Soup. As the sun continues to shine, it’s become increasingly evident that the slightly older and more conservative demographic of Winchester is at least partially to blame for the quiet patch we’ve been struggling with lately. As we’ve discussed so many times before, our summer menu is drawn almost entirely from the tropics, but despite these origins and the marketing materials we’ve put out, we just seem to be unable to convince the people of Winchester to eat soup in the summer. Our gut feeling at the moment is that the more diverse, vibrant and slightly younger demographic of London could be more open to our concept, but there’s certainly a lot of market research to be done before we can say that with any certainty!


Soup HQ reaches fever pitch with Sweepstake Draw

With the World Cup starting tonight, Matt and I have been feeding our excitement with a look back at our favourite past World Cup songs. So far, the front runners are World in Motion and We’re on the Ball (an Ant and Dec classic – we thoroughly recommend the video). We’ve also done our office World Cup Sweepstake (you can only imagine the pre-draw atmosphere), but with Matt having picked four out of the five top seeds, I think the competition could be over early doors!

Have a great week and we’ll see you back here next Wednesday.

Chris and Matt


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