Maceration for the Nation

Well hello once again from Soup HQ. Seeing as the good ship Soup has sailed into some metaphorical bad weather (literal good weather), Chris and I have stepped into our thought sphere this week, where we can really bounce the ideas ball around. As avid blog readers, you will know that the sunny weather over the past few weeks has presented us with a real challenge: how do we respond to lower sales in the summer? And how do we use the extra time we have to best advance our company, such that we’re ready to capitalise on demand when it resurfaces in the autumn?

As Chris wrote last week, to counter the fall in cash flow, we’re in the process of developing a range of smoothies to sell both fresh and wholesale in Winchester. Since last week, we’ve really thrown ourselves into the world of liquid fruit, also looking into juices as a possible complementary line to be run alongside smoothies. Like with soup, we will never compromise on quality, so we’ve been discussing and researching everything juicy, from maceration (I can’t believe you just laughed at that…) to antioxidants. We’ll be delivering our first couple of testers to Walker, Austen & Alexander this Friday – so be sure to pop in and let us know what you think!


Following the positive reception in response to our blog two weeks ago, we’ve also decided to take gazpacho to the next stage: development and testing. After making a couple of tweaks to our original recipe, we made a ‘muy sabrosa’ (a year learning Spanish at school well spent…) version last week and have since delivered a sample to Walker, Austen and Alexander to run alongside their soup of the week (the Caribbean Jerk). We can then see, by comparison, which soup sells better. Today, the gazpacho is on its second day of testing and so far the feedback has been really positive, but the sales slow. Whilst it admittedly hasn’t been perfect gazpacho weather, it may turn out to be true that people like the idea of chilled soup, whilst not being particularly willing to pay for it. Most likely, we’ll be repeating the experiment again in the coming weeks as and when we enjoy another sunny spell.

Another strategy that has been playing on our minds recently is the possibility of expanding our market. The plan has always been to expand towards London, so now seems like as good a time as any to take up the summer slack and dip our toes into the London market with a bit of market research. We’re thinking of delivering samples across different parts of the big smoke to gauge how demand for soup varies between them. We’ll also be chatting to cafe owners to see how resilient the London market is to summer – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on when this is happening, so that all you city folk can finally see and taste
 what you’ve been missing out on!

Thanks for reading!

Matt and Chris


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