Fro Yo’s a No Go

Good afternoon blog readers, and welcome once again to a Morgans’ Soup blog so filled with entrepreneurial antics that you’ll need to have a big old sit down once you’ve finished reading. Whilst bank holidays may mean fun and frivolities for the rest of you, we were both up early on Monday morning in order to supply soup to our cafes, for whom the long weekends are a great opportunity to increase their exposure to the people of Hampshire. Needless to say, when we found ourselves in a supermarket car park to pick up a few bits and pieces at 8am on Monday morning, it was pretty unsurprising to discover that we had our pick of the spaces!

photo (3)

In other news, I’m sure you’ve all been experiencing sleepless nights wondering what the outcome of last week’s experiment was. For our new readers, last week we began to contemplate whether the traditional (and exotic) names we have for some of our soups might be making the less adventurous eaters among you steer clear of our tasty soups. With this in mind, we decided to rebrand last week’s Laos Tom Kha as an Oriental Coconut Soup with Chicken half way through the week. The results were fascinating; one of our cafés had a real upsurge in demand whilst it had no effect at all in another. With this in mind, we’ll be establishing a less challenging name for each soup and giving the manager of each café the choice as to which name they advertise. We imagine that their choice will be primarily based on the average demographic of their place; those with an older demographic are likely to go with the less challenging of our names whilst those with a younger atmosphere will most likely opt for the more traditional and adventurous of the names. As with so many of these things, time will tell which we experience most success with, but we feel like it’s an important step to test these things whilst we’re still small.

Now, to that title. What would a soup company be doing dabbling in frozen yoghurt, I hear you ask? Whilst we’ve been keeping this little number under our hats for a good couple of months now, we’ve secretly been testing and developing our own range of frozen yoghurts in preparation for the summer months. This was an incredibly tough call for us; based on their prevalence in the Tropics, we truly believe that our soups are suited perfectly to the summer months but, equally, we wanted to have something up our sleeves should our confidence not prove to be well-placed. For a number of reasons, however, we’ve come to the conclusion that Morgans’ Scoop won’t be happening any time soon. Firstly, we established that it’s incredibly hard to make scoopable frozen yoghurt without using those nasty little e-numbers we’re not desperately keen on at Soup HQ. Secondly, and most importantly, we came to the conclusion that we should focus all of our energies on Soup in order to successfully navigate the summer months when people’s natural perceptions could be working against us. Obviously it’s a tragedy to leave an idea behind, but we feel that we should ensure we’re the best soup company we can be before we think about diversifying elsewhere.

We hope you all have a lovely week and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

Chris and Matt


One response to “Fro Yo’s a No Go

  1. Interested to read the fro-yo decision! A tough one I am sure…… Keep on cooking!


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