Snack-ro Economics for Dummies

Hello, once again, and welcome! First off, well done to us for getting the blog out on time! With a little bit more time on our hands this week, we’ve had the chance to get admin under control.

As you may remember from last week, we’re pushing back against a slight fall in demand, and I’m excited to report that it seems to be doing the trick. Chococo, who had seen a fall in sales, had an excellent week. We believe this could be one of two things: either the fact that our Harissa Tomato soup is less challenging, or the fact that we’ve really increased our presence in the shop through flyers and posters. Being economists, we naturally wanted to find out what the true cause of this increase in demand is, so this week we’ll be conducting an experiment. From Monday until today, the soup will be labelled Tom Kha, as it always has been. After today, it will be labelled Thai Coconut Soup. As the latter name is less challenging, a change in demand would be a suggestion to us that accessibility of our soups really does affect sales, whereas no change would suggest that either last week was an anomaly or the posters and flyers are driving sales. Although we want the flavours of our soups to be exciting and unusual, we certainly don’t want to isolate people or make them feel stupid, so it’s an important experiment and one we plan to run a few times.


Wednesdays, being the only day we don’t produce soups, are dedicated to product R+D and entrepreneurship at Soup HQ. We understand that we need to be creative to keep moving forward as a company, so we have always kept the day sacred. Today we have made two very positive steps. Firstly, we’ve completed the final test of our brand new soup: the Indian Dal, a lentil soup built from split red lentils and a rich masala paste. We’re both really happy with the finished product and are excited about the prospect of getting it to a Café near you soon. Secondly, we’ve been developing our idea of base pastes for soups. Their appeal in barbecue season as marinades may be an interesting counterbalance to a possible fall in the demand for soup.

Finally, we’ve seen a surge in followers on all of our social media, so if you’re new to our blog – welcome! It’s been quite a serious blog, but then we are quite serious businessmen.

Bis bald,

Matt and Chris


2 responses to “Snack-ro Economics for Dummies

  1. Web site looks great – and very nice photo in the blog – save some soup for the old man!

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