Starting to Worry About Rays

Blog enthusiasts, good news! The blog is slightly less late this week than it was last week! Apologies – it’s been a bit of a tricky week here at Soup HQ. You can rest assured, however, that the blog’s tardiness is merely a sign that we’ve been working our soupy socks off to ensure that company morale survives what has been a slight blip in our path to global soup dominance.

To give you a full update, at the beginning of this week we received the disappointing news that the guys at Chococo are not planning on stocking our soups through the summer months. Ultimately, this isn’t a huge surprise; Chococo is a chocolate shop and therefore doesn’t have a huge savoury market. As the regular blog readers among you will know, Matt and I have also been acutely aware of how Brits’ preconceptions about the soup/summer combo could work against us as the sun begins to shine on a more frequent basis. Whilst the team at Chococo were very keen to emphasise that they will certainly begin to stock us again as soon as the summer has been and gone, this was something that we found both reassuring for the future but also a touch unsettling for the upcoming months. Frustratingly, for a long time now we’ve been targeting supplying four places in Winchester before we begin our expansion elsewhere, and, with our supply of Just Nibble starting in just over a week, we were tantalisingly close to our goal.


Fear not. Our response has been swift and sure, and Matt and I have decided to drive ahead with the plan of attack we discussed last week. Following the distribution of our marketing materials at the beginning of this week, we now have posters and flyers in all of our outlets to advertise the tropical nature of our soups, and we’re planning on pitching to another couple of places in the upcoming weeks. If we can expand the number of places that stock our soups through the summer, we can then expand the quantity of soup we supply to each place throughout the rest of the year, resulting in the year-round growth we’re striving for. As Matt said last week, our soups are truly healthy, light and fragrant, and are all eaten in hot countries. Our challenge is one of altering preconceptions, not of selling ice to polar bears.

Pop in to one of our cafes this week for the glorious return of our Tunisian Harissa Tomato, with a sprinkling of rose petals and coriander.

Over, but certainly not out,

Chris and Matt


One response to “Starting to Worry About Rays

  1. I love soup hot or cold all year round, and there are some lovely cold soups you can have during summer. Or you could do ice cold vegetable juices?

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