Taking Stock

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to another blog. We know, it’s a little late, but we’ve been ever so busy and we know you’ll forgive us.

The good news this week was that the sun was out; the bad news was that the sun was out. We’ve always known that sunny weather would prove a challenge and the last week has kick-started our long-planned response. With soup being eaten year round in even the hottest countries, it’s simply not true that soup is a winter dish. The inextricable link in the UK between root vegetables and British soups (and those vegetables’ seasonality) may well offer an explanation… either way the natural aversion is something we want to confront. We believe, however, that the inclination not to order soup on a hot day is one that we can change with our triple pronged attack.


Prong 1 – You may have noticed that our menu has developed into a collection of dishes inspired by countries in the tropics. This is no mistake – countries’ cuisines develop to suit the conditions in that country, so in general soups from hot countries will be lighter, spicier and more fragrant. As we approach the summer, we’ll continue to angle our menu towards these lighter soups.

Prong 2 – The second aspect of our brand that we’ll be looking to capitalise on is how healthy our soups are. You may have noticed the three pillars of Morgans’ Soup around the place (fresh, innovative and healthy) and this is a time of year when we believe that people value truly healthy foods. We’ve become used to soups being unhealthy in the UK so it has been a specific target from day one to make our soups genuinely good for you. With this in mind, we’ll be distributing flyers, leaflets and posters to inform (and thus hopefully attract) more of you lovely lot in the direction of our summery soups.

Prong 3 – You may also have noticed an injection of colour into our brand, particularly with respect to the grass backing on the logo. We stand by the white font on black background, but believe that the grass (as well as the ingredient photos) add colour that helps create a really exciting, fresh and summery feel to the brand. All of our marketing materials that we’ve spent last week designing are looking fantastic, and we feel very positive about the way that they will reflect our brand as we move into the warmer months.

Using these three strategies together, we believe we can look towards the summer with a fragile optimism – we absolutely know that we are swimming against the tide, but Chris and I are sure we can rise to the challenge (after all, we both have Frosties swimming level 3).

Thanks for reading again, and we look forward to blogging at you all again next week!

Matt and Chris


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