Spice Up Your Life

Liquid lovers, welcome once again to a blog sure to be jam-packed with more of the wild adventures and musings of Morgans’ Soup.

The first bit of exciting news is that last Thursday we went in to talk to Amanda at Just Nibble in Winchester. Just Nibble is a new café (by the station, for those of you who know the area), and their ethos is very much in line with ours; we’re both striving to provide truly fresh and healthy lunches for people who really care about what they’re eating. With relatively little kitchen space, Amanda was looking for someone to supply her with innovative and delicious soups and we’re delighted to announce that, following a pitch and a couple of delicious tasters last Thursday, we’ll be stocking Just Nibble with our full range of soups from the beginning of May. This is absolutely fantastic news for us as four cafés in Winchester has been our target for the beginning of our expansion outside of Winchester. If you feel like your hometown is lacking a liquid lunch, please get in touch!

This week, we’re serving up our Indian Mulligatawny. Officially my favourite of our soups, this soup is developed from a traditional Indian base before being combined with our rich chicken stock, our very own Indian spice blend and a smattering of coconut milk. The result is a soup which is not only fantastically healthy, but also one which has a lovely heat and savoury depth. This soup is currently for sale in all of our venues, so be sure to pop down and sample a bowl for yourself!


As we’re sure you’ve noticed, we’ve also been having a play with our website. As we’ve grown, we’ve wanted to slowly develop the website from the blog format in which it started, to a place where people can learn not only about what we’ve been up to, but also about us, our soups and the people we supply. With this in mind, we’ve got a brand new section describing our soups – all with appetising close-up shots of some of the key ingredients. We’ve been having a lot of fun taking these pictures and we’re really happy with the results – we think that the vibrancy of the pictures contrasts really well with our logo. As ever, it’s always great for us to get feedback from y’all on what works and what doesn’t, so please do get in touch with any suggestions.

See you next week – enjoy the sunshine!

Chris and Matt


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