The Corn Soupremacy

“Chris, do we have enough thyme for the infusion?”

“We should do… we aren’t scheduled to deliver for another 90 minutes…”

“Matt, how much time have we got left to finish the soup?”

“We have about 30 grams, so we should be fine”

As fans (culprits?) of the cheap joke, chowder week is always a challenge. We infuse our wonderful low-fat Sweetcorn Chowder (served with a parmesan crisp, don’t you know) with thyme, to give the soup an alluring fragrance. However, thyme brings with it the nasty side effect of a steady stream of cheap puns, as demonstrated above. As such, a new rule has been introduced at soup HQ – thyme is to be pronounced th-ime to avoid hilarious misunderstandings. And people say we need to get out more… Unbelievable.

photo (2)

Tasty Tom Yum Treats

Besides all this fun, we’ve also been working hard adapting to our new production schedule, as well as continuing to invest in kit. A highlight of last week was a trip to Ikea – now officially in contention for the title of Morgans’ Soup’s favourite shop, battling hard for the top spot with Robert Dyas. At the moment Ikea is scoring high for aesthetics and value, whilst Robert Dyas is fighting back with its range of outstanding products that noone else would even consider stocking. Anyway, needless to say we left Ikea with bellies full of meatballs and bags full of useful kitchen gadgets. We also did some recon for kitchen equipment for the new outhouse, and although everything available at Ikea was (obviously) outstanding value, we’re still thinking that second hand is probably the way to go. Please let us know if you know of anyone selling anything you think we might be interested in!

Finally, we’ve also been doing some exciting work on a new Tarka Dal recipe. This Indian staple is on the thick end of the consistency spectrum, and is therefore very filling whilst also being healthy and, of course, vegetarian. It will be great to get another truly flavourful vegetarian dish onto our menu, especially given that it has enough richness to also satisfy even the most committed of meat-eaters out there.

Until next thyme,

Matt and Chris


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