Sieve and Let Thai

Wednesday again – time for more soup-inspired punning and blogging already?! We bet that you never even dreamed you could get so lucky. Our last week has been absolutely non-stop, involving everything from finding ourselves new suppliers to investing in kitchen equipment for our new, swanky (soupy) outhouse. Welcome!

This week’s Morgans’ Soup of the Week is our old favourite; the Thai Tom Yum Gai. A hot and sour Asian broth made from an infusion of our rich chicken stock with kaffir lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass and fiery bird’s eye chillies, we’ve been serving this soup pre-infused for both Chococo and Baristas, whilst WA&A have been brewing the aromatics on site in their signature glass teapots. To give a literal interpretation of the Thai name, “Tom” describes the boiling process whilst “Yum” is a traditional word for a spicy and sour salad. So, essentially, a Tom Yum is a boiled spicy and sour salad – though we promise that ours is much more delicious than the name makes it out to be. One of the challenges of this soup is the need for clarity in the end product – whilst it doesn’t need to be perfectly transparent, we want to make sure that we achieve a very deep and pure base stock. To accomplish this, we pass it through a muslin-lined sieve several times before serving which, though time consuming, yields a wonderfully dark and clean base (this is the tenuous link to ‘seive’ in the title – weak?). All of our cafes are serving our Tom Yum with noodles and chicken, so be sure stop by to taste this South-East Asian classic for yourself.


The Empire Soup Building (or should it be Soup Empire Building?)

In other news, Matt and I are the proud owners of a brand new (second-hand) fridge and a brand new (second-hand) freezer! We’ve been keen to get more freezer space for a while now, given that we’re getting through chicken carcasses at a rate of stocks, and we were delighted when we found someone selling their big home appliances 15 minutes down the road. After a food-hygiene-pleasing deep-clean yesterday, they’re both up and running and are lying in wait in the outhouse. Due to the demand the Tom Yum puts on our resources, we’ve also invested in an additional induction hob and pressure cooker. As Matt mentioned last week, we’re keen to maintain more capacity than we need, so this is a great step in our steady process of expansion.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that we have two new suppliers – Barlows Butcher in Winchester and Hampshire Foods, who will be supplying us with our spices amongst other unusual ingredients. This is another really fantastic step in our growth as we’re now producing in enough quantity that we ‘qualify’ for the business rates that buying in bulk brings with it. This means that our chicken is now all reared free range at a farm in Norfolk – much more in keeping with our company ethos than buying from supermarkets! We’re also going to work closely with our spice supplier to get one step closer to providing the truly authentic global flavours that we’re constantly striving towards – as ever, let us know if you’ve got any recipe ideas or inspiration for a delicious soupy treat.

Have an excellent week and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

Chris and Matt


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