Wake Me Up Before Chococo

Good afternoon everyone!

We’ll kick off with some very exciting news – Morgans’ Soup has a new partner. We’ll be stocking Chococo in Winchester, starting next week! The specialist chocolate company was started in Purbeck, Dorset and moved to Winchester High Street early this year. We think our fresh, exciting soups will compliment their truly innovative chocolates fantastically. With this in mind, we’ve also been looking at moving our production out of the kitchen we use at the moment and into a soup-specific out-building. By continuing to invest in production equipment, we want to always have more capacity than we need – this allows us to expand without having to turn down any orders or even potential partners. We’ve got a place in mind and look forward to starting work on it in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

By the way, thanks for all the advice about chopping onions! Wearing goggles was the most popular tip from you guys. However, this week we also got a new member of the soup family… meet our brand new Kenwood food processor! Hopefully this will help in our struggle against being reduced to emotional wrecks when chopping onions. We even went a step further than this, combining the two anti-onion techniques to create the cutting edge *cringe* in anti-onion technology:

Anti-tear device

Thanks again for the advice! This week our ‘ask the audience’ lifeline is in regards to where we can get prep tables. We will need 85-95cm high tables on which to prep food in our new HQ, but obviously buying new is ruinously expensive. Has anyone got a table that’s in the way? Is anyone desperate to sell their top-spec kitchen equipment for low prices to a small soup company? Get in touch!

In other news, if you see myself or Chris this week, please forgive us for stinking of smoke. We haven’t burnt anything down (yet…), but we’re onto our second rotation, meaning that our Smoked Caribbean Jerk Soup is back on the menu! As I’m sure you’ll remember, this soup is a traditional jerk paste that’s then smoked over oak chips to give that fantastic barbecue flavour. Our soup is then made from a blend of thyme-roasted tomatoes, coconut and the smoked paste, forming a healthy vegetarian dish that’s high in flavour and low in fat.

Today we had another link in The Guardian, so to any new readers, welcome! Check out our Twitter and like us on Facebook as well to get regular updates as we build our company. Also, feel free to have a look around the website where you’ll find more about us, our company and how to get in touch.

Have a beautiful week and apologies again for the smokey smell following us around!

Matt and Chris


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