Keeping up with the Kha-dashians

Oh! Hi there! We didn’t know you’d be popping onto the website, but what a pleasure. As always, it’s been too long.

Now Chris and I like an onion as much as the next man; in fact maybe more than the next man. And over French Onion Soup week three things about onions have become obvious:

(1) They’re a fantastic, versatile base to a soup.
(2) The longer and gentler you cook them, the better.
(3) Chopping them reduces us to tears quicker than when we see a baby beagle seeing grass for the first time.

Here at soup HQ, we’ve tried everything from chewing gum and burning candles to chopping under clingfilm and sticking our tongues out (on reflection that may have been a joke at our expense), but we are yet to find a technique that works. If you think there’s a way to chop onions with our dignity intact, we’d love to hear from you.


New soup pots!

This week we’re serving up a delicious Tom Kha Kai from Laos – a coconut and galangal broth served with rice, chicken, straw mushrooms and dill. “Dill in an Asian recipe?!” I hear you cry, *In nerdy voice* yes indeed – dill, a traditionally European herb, was brought to Laos by French colonists in the late 19th century and has been part of the cuisine ever since *back to normal blog voice*. The soup is going down really well in both venues, and it’ll still be available in WA&A over the weekend.

We’ve also continued our work on new soups and this week we’ve been working on an extremely local watercress and pea number. One problem with hot-holding soup is that fresh flavours can diminish – hence the lack of green vegetables in our soups to date. To address this we’re considering making the watercress component of the soup to be kept warm (watercress having a robust, peppery flavour that bears heat well), and then having a cool pea and mint puree to be added on service. This would reinvigorate the soup, adding a fresh green colour and that wonderful sweet characteristic of good peas. The soup would then be eaten slightly warm, not hot – something that we’re keen on, but are unsure of how customers would react. Any thoughts would be welcome (by the way, we have a handsome new email address to go with our handsome nURL –

Feeling artistic,
I wanted to write haikus –
alas, there’s no time.

Until next week,

Matt and Chris


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