Don’t Stock Believin’

We know, we know. The last week has been tough. With water lapping at the doors of many across England, you turned to one of the last things you could rely on: an entertaining soup blog to fall back on in times of darkness. Thousands used the last of the fuel in their upstairs generators to charge a rusting mobile, not to make a call – that could wait – but to visit our blog… Only to be disappointed. To you, we apologise. Having fled the country for a week, and with only Chris in charge, we just didn’t have the resources to get a blog online. However, dry yourselves off and settle down in front of a warm fire. This week we have a double blog covering TWO WEEKS *fanfare* for you to read whilst the flood waters subside. Anyone seriously affected by the disappointment last week or the over excitement this week may send their complaints to our brand new HR team at

So, if you will, imagine yourselves back to this time last week… With me away, it was down to Chris to supply the soup-starved populace of Winchester with their liquid food fix, and I’m pleased to report that it is, at least temporarily, possible to run our soup empire (soupire?) with only one man.

We left you two weeks ago with the news that we’d be developing a Thai Red soup, and I’m pleased to say that we followed through on that promise. In fact, not only had we developed the new soup, but we were so excited about serving it that it was our soup of the week last week, available in both of our places in Winchester! The foundation of the soup is our traditional Thai red curry paste, which we make ourselves. Expect fiery birds eye chillies, peppery galangal, citric lemongrass, sweet shallots and our very own Thai spice blend, exploding with Asian goodness. Combining this paste with coconut pulp and our rich chicken stock, the result is a soup which, whilst fragrant and creamy, has a real chilli kick. It’s served with rice, chicken and coriander and we love it down here at Soup HQ – you may have missed it last week but we can assure you that it went down more than well enough to ensure a glorious return at some point soon!

To make a swift return to the present day, we’re pleased to report that the days since our teary reunion have been chock-a-block with soupy activity. Still focussing on a very high reinvestment rate, we’ve continued to plough profits into bigger and better kit. This week a new pressure cooker and a large stainless steel pan will be arriving on the doorstep of Soup HQ – both should cut down production times whilst also increasing capacity. Having all this kit is vital if we want to be able to deliver on new orders as soon as they’re received. The website’s had a bit of a revamp as well – let us know what you think!

Further to last week’s improvements, we’ve also been improving our Indian Mulligatawny, available this week in our venues. We’ve altered the recipe and incorporated pureed mango, having read more about traditional Memsahib cookery (the fusion cookery developed by British women way-back-when in colonial India). We had a delightful meal yesterday, with a wonderful spread of homemade Indian food to celebrate perfecting the recipe. Whilst I can assure you it all looked just delicious, unfortunately Chris was left in charge of photography. Whilst he insists that he has taken better photos in his time, I’m not entirely sure that he got the lighting quite right on this occasion…

Chris insists he has taken better photos

A delicious Indian meal or Soup HQ at night-time?

Continuing our plans towards expansion, yesterday we a meeting with a representative from trading standards to discuss making our stocks, pastes and blends available in local shops. She was a huge help and we are hoping to be able to begin production in the next couple of months (you’ll be the first to know!).

Apologies again for the crushing disappointment we caused last week, and you can rest assured that this time we can guarantee that we’ll be back again next week with a real cracker of a blog.

Matt and Chris


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