Soups, we did it again

Soup lovers, welcome once again to your weekly insight into Winchester’s favourite soup start-up. Naturally, the current weather is perfect for us; with so much liquid around, there’s an awful lot of subliminal advertising going on for rain’s more nutritious partner-in-crime. Having decided not to pitch for any new business for another couple of weeks, Matt and I have had the opportunity to really get back to basics this week, meaning a renewed focus on the soups themselves and a great opportunity for us to get creative in the kitchen!


Preparing for the Soupocalypse at Soup HQ

This week, we wanted to serve our Moroccan Tomato and Chickpea, but neither Matt nor I were particularly happy with the version of this soup that we were serving on Winchester Market towards the end of last year. We put this largely down to the fact that we weren’t making the Harissa paste, a vital component of the soup, ourselves. With this in mind, we perused some recipes and, as a result, have developed our very own Harissa paste – this time based on a traditional Tunisian recipe. This blend of chilli and spices is fried together with the vegetable base of the soup, roasted tomatoes and sweet bell peppers to give the soup a lovely warming fragrance, something that we’re both exceptionally proud to be supplying. As a special Valentine’s Week treat, you can go in to Walker, Austen & Alexander to try our newly improved Tunisian Harissa Tomato with a traditional North African rose petal garnish – let us know what you think!

This week has also given us an opportunity to think about adding to our repertoire of dishes. Ever since we were lucky enough to travel there in our year out before uni, Matt and I have had a real passion for Thai cuisine. Combined with the fantastic feedback we received from our Tom Yum last week, this passion has really driven us to play around with some more South-East Asian flavours – in particular, a Lao Tom Kha Kai and our very own take on the traditional Thai Red Soup. The Lao Tom Kha Kai is the Thai Tom Yum’s Lao cousin, which stands at the crossroads between Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China in the heart of South-East Asia. The soup itself is similar to our Tom Yum, but with the addition of coconut milk, galangal in the place of ginger, straw mushrooms and with an additional dill garnish. The result is a soup with the hot and sour flavours that we love so much about the Tom Yum, but with the additional sweet creaminess brought by the coconut milk. We’re very happy with the results and we’ll let you know how the Thai Red goes once it’s fully developed next week!

We hope you all have a wonderful week and, as the old poem goes,

Rose petals are red,
Violets’ are blue,
And sprinkled on soup,
They’re delicious too.

(NB: Not actually sure about violet petals)

After all, there’s nothing more romantic for your loved one than a bowl of hot, fresh Tunisian Harissa Tomato Soup.

Until next time,

Chris and Matt


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