Life’s a Pitch

Blog readers, welcome once again to the internet’s hub of soup-based chatter. In a week where Matt and I have been referred to as the “lifeblood” of the country’s economy by none other than the Prime Minister of the UK, we’re feeling pretty smug – we have, however, just about managed to squeeze in some business since last Wednesday. We left you last week with the news that we’ve been granted our accreditation to sell meat to other businesses, and we’re delighted to announce that we have more exciting news to come this week – read on!

Last Thursday, we took along some tasters to Baristas Coffee House in Winchester, having previously been in to pitch to the owner, Jens, about the possibility of him becoming the second retailer of our soups in Winchester. Jens requested a taste of our Vietnamese Phở and our French Onion, and we’re delighted to announce that we began supplying Baristas with our delicious soups yesterday as a result! As with Walker, Austen and Alexander, we’ll be delivering three times a week, and they’ll always be serving a meat and a vegetarian option. This week they’re stocking our American Corn Chowder with chicken and our British Honey-Roast Vegetable. We’re serving the Chowder with a parmesan crisp and spring onion greens – our recipe is a vegetarian twist on the New England Clam Chowder and, in classic Morgans’ Soup style, we’ve substituted the cream for low-fat milk in order to keep our soup not only great on the palette, but also great on the waistline.


Whilst there is no doubt that increasing the volume of soup we’re producing will provide us with new challenges, the primary challenge will be in producing a significant quantity of two different soups simultaneously. Matt was away on Monday which meant that we delayed our Baristas delivery until Tuesday – the first real challenge will come on Friday morning when we’ll be completing both orders in the same time period for the first time. We’re hoping we’ll be able to draw on our time spent producing two soups at the market in order to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly – we’ll let you know how it goes next week!

We hope you’re all enjoying an exciting January and please do pop in to WA&A or Baristas if you’re passing by!

Until next week,

Chris and Matt


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